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A full-size luxurious 3D visualizer showcasing the 5th generation Cadillac Escalade of 2023 is all you need to travel with comfort! A black Cadillac Escalade is the perfect choice to opt for as a passenger along with 7 others or to carry your belongings in its cargo space!
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Freequently Asked Questions

Do I have the leverage of renting a car without reservation?

You can rent a car without reservation, only if the vehicle is available. You are advised to make a reservation in advance to avoid any inconvenience.      

Do I have to pay the fees if I cancel the reservation at the 11th hour?

Unfortunately, you must pay 50% of the reservation fees if you cancel the ride at the 11th hour. No payments will be charged if the cancellation is made two days before the pick-up date.      

How many days before do I have to make my reservation to avail of your service?

At least a week before your pick-up day, you are supposed to make a reservation. 50% of the payment will be done during the booking, and the remaining due amount will be made on a pick-up day.      

Do I have to mention the number of passengers who will be traveling along with me?

Yes, mentioning the number of passengers will help us monitor and track an individual's movement at times of uncertainty.      

Can I smoke in a car?

Sorry, you can't smoke in our car.      

Do I have the option to select the driver after the reservation?

Executives Choice Limo selects the driver of the car on its own.      

How much advance do I pay to confirm my reservation?

You are supposed to pay 50% advance to confirm your reservation.      

Are pets allowed in your car?

No pets are allowed in our car.      

Can I pay through a credit card?

Yes, you can avail an advance option of paying your reservation fees through a credit card.      

What would your company do if we had an accident during the ride?

First, we will gather all the details related to the cause of the accident. If the accident results due to our driver's negligence, then you are eligible for a 100% refund of reservation fees.      

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